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Every day was something new to deal with. Some days were good but most days was yet another challenge, another burden.

But God.

He is my strength and my foundation. His word is filled with such practical wisdom, Faith, Hope and Love.  Yet daily life, well you know.

In my quest to grow close to God, and in moments of distress, I took notice that a butterfly would so happen to fly by. It brought such a peace & joy to my soul. I was captivated by its beauty, it’s purity and innocence. My spirit was blessed, it was a kiss from God. I believed Him to tell me, “it’s all ok, just breathe and trust me.” It was like a light burst through the darkness, hope was restored and I kept persevering forward.

  • Patrika Romano August 2018


To bring a message of hope in this ever darkening world through Christian Apparel. Despite the ugliness there is so much more beauty if we’d just be exposed to the light.


For  lives to be transformed and minds renewed from a place of darkness wherein a “new life” is born.